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Ian Williams’ practice is concerned with the interpretation of reality within virtual environments and how this can be expressed through painting. Using found objects from video games, he uses the conventions of still life painting to explore the properties of the virtual everyday object.


Playing with the genre of still life, which typically presents inanimate subject matter, his works originate from the moving digital world. Selecting and exporting everyday objects from within video game environments, Williams creates painting compositions that toy with real world phenomena such as gravity, scale, and the forces of collision. Illuminated from a first person perspective, the viewer is placed within a vaguely familiar yet physically impossible choreography of objects. 

Ian works mainly within the medium of painting, and has work in public and private collections including Artbank, Curtin University, North Metropolitan TAFE, University of Western Australia, and Town of Victoria Park. Williams has a First Class Honours in Fine Art from Curtin University, where he is currently a lecturer in painting.  

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